Supervision for Therapists

27th Jul 2022

Workplace counsellors need to have appropriately experienced workplace supervisors.

Worryingly, because private practitioners work from their own setting, too many will take EAP referrals without understanding that they are actually part of the workplace sector. It’s worth thinking about your current supervision arrangement. Do you need to make adjustments? Or do you need to arrange an additional supervisor to assist you with the complex organisational dynamics in your work?

Searching for an appropriately skilled supervisor can be challenging. You will want to give consideration to their therapeutic approach and training and find out about their workplace experience. The following areas are all worthy of exploration.

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How to heal a rift

22nd Feb 2021

Long-standing disputes are painful - here are some suggestions about how to bridge gaps in order to (hopefully) ease rifts

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Stop and Think

Stop and Think....about YOU

10th Feb 2021

Today saw one of our therapists in a first counselling session with an HR professional who, whilst being the first to see the importance of supporting the mental health of OTHERS, failed to pay sufficient attention to her OWN needs. Today, through some bottled up tears, she spoke of the need to ‘Stop and Think’ about the importance of self-care.

How good at self care are you?

It’s OK to reach out on behalf of YOU.

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New Developments

18th Nov 2020

We are very proud to announce that #DOTT (the exciting, fast-growing e-scooter company that's helping to create vibrant inner cities, free from cars and pollution) has partnered with #MindMatters to support the mental health needs of their employees throughout Europe.

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Update from Julie Hughes

2nd Nov 2020

Since COVID-19 turned our normality upside down, I’ve been preoccupied with trying to manage the anxiety being felt by people in organisations.

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Stress in the workplace

6th May 2020

There is no wonder that stress in the workplace is a cause for the loss of over 15million working days. It’s a difficult thing to cope with, but there are ways that you as an employer can help to create a positive environment.

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6th May 2020

Anxiety has many roots causes and we are here to help you not just manage anxiety but also understand why the issues have arisen from the outset.

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Mediation at a Desk

Trust In Our EAP Therapist For Your Employee Disputes And Grievances

30th Mar 2020

Severe grievances and difficult relationship issues in any business or workplace will need to have the right support.

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Trust Our Professional Employee Support Programmes

27th Feb 2020

The wellbeing of your staff is vitally important. There are plenty of indicators that influence their wellbeing at work including social life, relationships at work, home life and much more.

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