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Trust In Our EAP Therapist For Your Employee Disputes And Grievances

Severe grievances and difficult relationship issues in any business or workplace will need to have the right support.

The initial help should come from an employer, but many employees will find it hard to reach out to someone when they are in need. Whether it’s from a problem in the workplace or a difficulty stemming from home life, it’s vital you find a solution.

At Mind Matters Counselling we have the skills and experience to guide your staff members through their problems and help to aid mediation. We have a team of EAP therapists who are on task to offer a level of personal support for your employees like no other.

Why trust our professionals at Mind Matters Counselling?

  • Expert help: You should always leave serious problems to experienced therapists. Our expertise in the world of counselling and workplace grievances makes us an ideal choice for employers.
  • Personable support: Our EAP therapists will work closely with each member of your team to understand the problem and find short and long-term solutions.
  • Seamless integration: Employee Assistance Programmes from our team at Mind Matters Counselling will be the best way to solve workplace grievances, but that’s not all. We have the experience to tailor our programmes to the needs of the specific individual, their role and the department they work in.

Our EAP therapists are on hand to offer immediate support and create a plan for the good of your staff.

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