Case Studies


Conflict in the workplace is inevitable, indeed conflict is a necessary - and healthy - element of all human relationships. But the key is to make sure that bottled up emotions and/or uncontrolled outbursts don't lead to toxicity in the workplace. If this does happen, the fallout can be far-reaching, not only for the individuals directly involved but the conflict can ‘seep out’ into the wider team as well.

Working in conjunction with Mind Matters, one forward-looking organisation has taken the proactive step of adjusting their formal in-house grievance procedures. The effect of this change means that, instead of aggrieved employees viewing formal procedures as the first port of call, they are now required to have an initial conversation with a Mind Matters mediator in order to discuss the issue first. Only after that mediation possibility has been fully explored (and mediation provided if appropriate) can a formal grievance then be lodged. As a direct consequence of this policy shift, the organisation (a household name manufacturer in the food and beverage industry) has seen a significant reduction in the number of formal grievance procedures. The provision of our workplace mediation support has seen the organisation achieving significant bottom-line savings  With the assistance of one of Mind Matters’ highly experienced workplace mediators, problems are ‘nipped in the bud’ before they take root, communication is enhanced, work relationships are improved and the wider team and organisation benefits as a consequence

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