Case Studies


Providing appropriate feedback to the organisation (with client permission) is a key part of the Mind Matters service. A good example of this occurred recently - purely coincidentally our therapists were working with two separate clients (both having been referred to as a consequence of losing a close relative to suicide).

Whilst there were considerable similarities in the counselling work that was undertaken, there was a substantial difference in one key area - that was that the way in which these two clients wanted to be ‘treated’ / spoken to by their colleagues on their eventual return to work. One of the clients wanted (indeed she needed) her colleagues to speak openly to her about her loss, the other client wanted no reference made to the circumstances of her situation at all. If it had not been for Mind Matters giving this important feedback to the relevant managers in the organisations involved, one can easily see how all the good work of the counselling could have been ‘undone’ by the (albeit well-meaning) unwanted comment(s) from colleagues in either of those work settings. Mind Matters supports not just the referred individual, but the referring organisation as well – it’s an important part of what makes us different.

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