Organisations Privacy Policy

Information collected and how it’s used

For an organisation wishing to access our services:

Mind Matters Counselling LLP will need to gather and process the following essential information that we consider vital to allow our organisation to provide a bespoke counselling service to your employees.

The legal basis for collecting and processing data will be through either consent and / or contractual bases under Article 6.1.a and 6.1.b of GDPR which we deem to be necessary for our organisation providing a counselling service.

If you are a Mind Matters Counselling LLP customer, we need to collect and use information about you, or individuals at your organisation, in the course of providing you services such as: (a) assessing an individual at your organisation (b) preparing a treatment plan (c) providing you with a Managed Service programme (or assisting another organisation to do so); (d) providing you with a treatment plan for your organisation (or assisting another organisation to do so); and/or (e) notifying you or individuals within your organisation of suitable referral options for continued support that sits outside of our remit.

Information that we will need to gather about your organisation would include



We need a small amount of information from our suppliers to ensure that things run smoothly. We need contact details of relevant individuals at your organisation so that we can communicate with you. We also need other information such as your bank details so that we can pay for the services you provide (if this is part of the contractual arrangements between us).

What we use it for

Future communication

We like to conduct regular reviews for what we deem as legitimate interest for our organization to ensure you are receiving full access to our services and / or receiving the most appropriate up to date services for your business. We will therefore contact you on a regular basis to review our services unless you request not to have contractual reviews. We do this because we like to keep in touch with our customers.

What is consent?

You have a right to withdraw your consent at any time and can do this by contacting us by:

We recognise that the information you provide may be of a sensitive nature and your confidentiality will be respected at all times. We will store confidential information securely and control who has access to it.

We want to make sure that your data are stored and transferred in a way which is secure. We will therefore only transfer data outside of the European Union (EU) (i.e. the Member States of the European Union, together with Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) where it is compliant with data protection legislation and the means of transfer provides adequate safeguards in relation to your data, for example:

- by way of data transfer agreement, incorporating the current standard contractual clauses adopted by the European Commission for the transfer of personal data by data controllers in the EU to data controllers and processors in jurisdictions without adequate data protection laws; or

- by signing up to the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework for the transfer of personal data from entities in the EU to entities in the United States of America or any equivalent agreement in respect of other jurisdictions; or

- transferring your data to a country where there has been a finding of adequacy by the European Commission in respect of that country's levels of data protection via its legislation; or

- where it is necessary for the conclusion or performance of a contract between ourselves and a third party and the transfer is in your interests for the purposes of that contract (for example, if we need to transfer data outside the EU in order to meet our obligations under that contract if you are a client of ours); or

- where you have consented to the data transfer

Information sharing

To provide the service to you we need to share some of your personal data with other third parties, this is for

We will only share your information with third parties that we use on a limited basis following due diligence and in accordance with our internal procedures


If you believe information we hold about you is incorrect or out of date, or if you have concerns about how we are handling your personal information, please contact us and we will endeavour to resolve those concerns.

We will be the sole owners of this information and this will only be used for the purpose of allocating clients and providing a counselling service to our customers. We will never rent or sell your details to third parties and will hold your data securely under the Regulatory Data Protection Laws.

Complaints or concerns raised

Should a complaint or concerned be raised about our services then Mind Matters Counselling LLP will keep accurate and factual notes. Any complaint or concern will be investigated by our Case Management investigation team to gain a full understanding of the issue(s) to come to a fair outcome for all concerned. To find out more about our complaints procedure please contact us by

If you are not happy with the way we have been processing your personal data or have not dealt with one of your rights correctly when you have asked us to you may lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). The ICO has several ways in which you can get in touch with them, including post, email, and online forms. To find out how click here.

Access and rights to data

You have various rights in relation to how we process your personal data.

We do not undertake any automated decision-making, including profiling.

Should you wish to access these rights please contact us by

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